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2061: Odyssey Three Summary
Arthur C. Clarke

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2061: Odyssey Three Summary

Plot Summary

Two different science missions in space, one to Haley's comet and another to Europa, become one rescue mission as the spaceship Universe travels to the aid of Galaxy, which is marooned on the forbidden and hostile surface of Europa. During this rescue, physical verification confirms that Europa has a huge mountain, Mount Zeus, made out of diamond.

Mount Zeus appears out of nowhere and is inexplicable, until Dr. Rolf van der Berg obtains a 1981 Nature article that postulates an answer. The core of Jupiter is one big diamond. The implosion of Jupiter as it ignites into the small star, Lucifer, pushes the fragmented core into orbit. Mount Zeus is one of these core fragments.

As Universe explores Haley's comet, a terrorist hijacking brings Galaxy to the surface of Europa. Captain Smith of Universe implements an ingenious plan to use the water of the comet to fuel his ship...

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