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1940s: Print Culture World War II (1939–45) dominated serious print media from 1939 until most of the last troops returned from Europe in 1946. American newspapers and magazines focused intentl... Read more
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1940s: Tv and Radio Radio proved its importance during World War II (1939–45) with almost immediate coverage of events. Between 1941 and 1945, Americans tuned in to listen to breaking news from... Read more
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Wartime Science. During World War II most scientific research served military imperatives as the U.S. government harnessed science and technology to win the war. The demands of wartime served to spee... Read more
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Return to the Churches. After a long period of decline during the Depression, American churches experienced a revival — unique among the belligerents — following World War II. Church memb... Read more
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World War II Dominates. The 1940s were dominated by World War II. This was as true for the media as it was for other areas of American life. From 1941 until the majority of the troops returned home i... Read more
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A Changing Society. With the advent of the 1940s came an increased prosperity as well as the higher risk of conflict with other nations. Both possibilities had effects on the law. The efforts of Pres... Read more
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A Back Door to War? Magic America at War: From Humiliation to Hegemony in the Pacific America at War: The Campaigns in the North Africa and Italy Hobson's Choice for Japan? America at War: The Final ... Read more
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Watching, Waiting, and Joining. As the decade opened, Americans watched uneasily as the war in Europe and the Pacific rim escalated. The Axis countries of Germany, Italy, and Japan seemed to be gaini... Read more
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Transition. The 1940s were a decade of profound change at all levels of American education. Primary and secondary education, for the most part under-funded, poorly organized, and inefficient, became ... Read more
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Silver Lining. The 1940s were one of the pivotal decades in the development of American business. During the decade the economy rebounded from depression; big business recovered its tarnished public ... Read more
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