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Working together, scientists and archaeologists have gained much insight into the life of Iceman. His glacial grave has yielded pieces of his clothing, weaponry and other equipment, every day objects,... Read more
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They came, they saw, they died; they were somehow preserved for thousands of years. The ice men that I am referring to are, of course, Ozti, Kennewick Man and Cheddar Man. They represent some of the m... Read more
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In 1991 the remains of a 5200-year-old corpse was found in a frozen glacier. It was a well-preserved corpse found with tools and weapons. Scientists have speculated many aspects of his life including ... Read more
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Research assignment The Iceman: Otzi On the frontier between Austria and Italy, a dead man was found at 3210meters above sea level, along a high ridge in the Alps. More precisely he was found in t... Read more
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